About Cool Fringes

"Cool Fringes" is a division of the Judaica House, Ltd., located in Teaneck, New Jersey has been providing the tri-state area with the best quality merchandise at the absolute lowest prices since 1974!

Now with the introduction of coolfringes.com, we offer high quality and affordable specialty tzitzit that can also be personalized to suit your style.

Cool Fringes are fashionable, popular and hip. Our tzitzit were carefully crafted to ensure that you get the best quality available.

Your Cool Fringes will last a long, long time.

With personalization available getting Cool Fringes for your event is very affordable. Choose from an assortment of materials, styles and colors and create a tzitzit that will sure be remembered.

Ordering is easy! Just let us know what you'd like, and we'll take care of the rest.



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